Workplace Literacy Program

The Workplace Literacy Program offered by the Sheboygan Literacy Council provides an affordable, accessible way to integrate English language instruction into businesses for employees age 18 and up. Enhancing communication skills benefits businesses and empowers employees, improving their lives. We collaborate with each business to determine desired outcomes and create customized classes.

Class structure is based on number of students and the needs of the business. Classes are available virtually or onsite, in-person. Classes are typically once a week, but depending on goals could be multiple times a week. Qualified instructors are identified and trained by the Literacy Council. Curriculum is created with business goals in mind with content tied to work, safety, health, culture, and skill development.

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Gail Wilke
Workplace Literacy Program Supervisor



Employer Benefits from Workforce Literacy

  • Enhance communication and build rapport
  • Clearly communicate safety regulations and skill training
  • Reduce turnover and increase loyalty and productivity
  • Provide workers with comprehensive knowledge and ability for constructive feedback
  • Identify bilingual associates as mentors and translators
  • Reduce and eliminate communication hurdles
  • Position your business as a highly competitive and attractive place to work

Employee Benefits from Workforce Literacy

  • Accessible, on-site or virtual classes
  • Increased English skills to reach goals
  • Interact with coworkers and colleagues more effectively
  • More confidence to interact in the community
  • Increased productivity and safety

What The Literacy Council Provides

  • Identifies and trains qualified instructors
  • Customized curriculum with assessments to track outcomes
  • Flexible class scheduling options
  • Language and literacy assessments

What Your Business Provides

  • Classroom space or the capability for students to attend virtually
  • Collaboration with Human Resources to share the program with employees
  • Supervisors to recruit and support employee attendance at class
  • Supervisors who contribute to workplace-related course content and goals

Making Strides in Workplace Literacy

Learning a new language takes time. Our curriculum, designed to support the student and encourage learning, begins with safety first—customized for your business, paired with basic safety for work and home. From there, it expands to include language skills and conversational skills for typical community interactions.

Safety First

  • Reacting in emergencies, calling 911, and working with emergency services
  • Answering and asking questions with medical professionals, reading prescriptions
  • Survival English: essential phrases

Clear Communication

  • Common phrases and vernacular to use at work
  • Phrases to use at the store, gas station, bank, and more

Employee Wellness

  • Understanding basic Human Resources principles
  • Knowing rights: navigating the law as a low-level English speaker

Community Building

  • Encouraging activity in community to practice and polish skills
  • Identifying leaders in your workplace literacy program to serve as bilingual mentors and translators
  • Creating opportunities for further learning, like gaining U.S. citizenship

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