Tutor view: literacy council adaptations to virtual learning during 2020 and beyond


The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic spurred a lot of changes at the Sheboygan Literacy Council.

This didn’t stop our tutors and students from working. Our learning pairs are resilient and know how to adapt! Check out this photo of tutor Denise with her student Silvia during a recent lesson.

Tutor View: Literacy Council Adaptations to Virtual Learning during 2020 and Beyond

Denise answered a couple of our questions about being a volunteer tutor with the Sheboygan Literacy Council.

What surprised you about virtual tutoring?

The best part of virtual tutoring is I don’t have to go out during cold weather and if my student needs to cancel (because she works a lot of hours) I am still at home.

What is your favorite thing to work on with your student?

My favorite thing to work on with my student is flash cards. I hold them up so she can read them. We enjoy talking about our days also.

Do you have any advice for our new tutors?

The important thing as a tutor is being a friend to someone from another country. Usually they don’t have many American friends and can be quite lonely. It’s important to just talk with them.

Aside from tutoring on Facetime, we also have tutors that use Zoom, exchange text messages, and some that safely meet face-to-face. Do you want to learn more about being a tutor? Visit https://familyresourcesheboygan.org/volunteer/