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Resources for ELL tutors and students


    Tutorials to learn basic computer skills, financial literacy, life skills


    Interactive site that can be used by students alone or with the help of tutors. Instructional materials divided into basic, intermediate, and advanced levels.

  • MATH

    A+ Math

    This website was developed to help students improve their math skills interactively. It contains flashcards, games, and worksheets for a variety of math topics.

  • GED and HSED

    PBS Literacy Link

    After completing the free registration, tutors and students have access to an extensive collection of Workplace Pre-GED and GED resources. The GED Connection includes Internet activities, learning modules, and practice tests.


    U.S. Committee on Refugees and Immigrants


    San Francisco Public Library page that contains information on the naturalization process

  • Citizenship and Immigration Services

    The official site and source of all the necessary information about citizenship, visas, and other naturalization issues. It includes all of the required forms as well as a helpful education and resource section.


    Citizenship Study Guide to help a student prepare for a citizenship test; practice test questions and full information


    This site offers lessons using CNN and CBS news stories. Each module includes an audio and video clip of the story, the full text of the story, and interactive activities to test comprehension.

  • Learning English

    English Grammar Reference & Exercises—grammar information and instructional ideas

  • The ESL Cafe

    This is also known as Dave’s ESL Cafe. You can access many sections such as idioms and verb tenses. Also, your student can listen to and practice English pronunciation. This site has a fountain of ideas and help for tutors and students.

  • The Free Dictionary

    This site gives you free access to a dictionary, thesaurus, and encyclopedia. The user can hear how words are pronounced in English. The site can be translated into 12 other languages.

  • ESL Gold

    This site provides hundreds of pages of free English teaching and learning materials for both students and teachers. All resources are organized by skill and level for quick and easy access. The site can be accessed in 15 other languages.

  • ESL Flow

    Massive site with lists of activities, games, tests, and downloadable and printable worksheets and pictures for lessons.

  • Using English

    Worksheets and resources for teachers as well as tests and interactive exercises for students in beginning through advanced levels. Has lots of printable grammar quizzes and worksheets and lots of PDF lesson plans divided by difficulty level. Easy to navigate.

  • 1 Language

    Listening activities and sample dialogues that also come with transcripts—good for lower level students. Has a Spanish translation.

  • Randall’s ESL Cyber Listening Lab

    Audio exercises to practice listening to English

  • Tips for learning English

    Tips for Spanish speakers who are learning English—addresses common issues


    Worksheets, crossword puzzles, and games for adult ELL learners


    A resource for letter pronunciation and grammar worksheets


    Advanced English Lessons

Employment Resources

  • Sheboygan Job Center
  • Career OneStop:

    This government website includes information and resources for exploring careers, writing résumés, researching jobs and salaries, searching for jobs, and exploring education and training options. A good place to start is with the “Self assessments” tab. Here one can take a quick or long interest assessment quiz.

    Recommended: Use the Skills Profiler to create a list of your skills and match them to job types that use those skills. When your skills profile is complete, you can print it or save it. Plan to spend about 20 minutes completing your skills profile.

  • Monster

    This site allows you to search for jobs and post your résumé, but it also includes career advice and helpful job search tools such creating cover letters and résumés

  • Recommended books to check out at the library

    Best Jobs for the 21st Century by Michael Farr

    The Quick Resume & Cover Letter Book by Michael Farr

    Cyberspace Resume Kit by Mary Nemnich and Fred Jandt

    Gallery of Best Resumes for People Without a Four-Year Degree by David F. Noble

    The Very Quick Job Search by Michael Farr

Other Important Resources

  • Libraries Most libraries have some or all the books above, provide free Internet access, and off many other resources. Their most important resource is the librarian, so don’t hesitate to ask for help finding what you need.

  • People One of the best sources of information is talking to people who hold jobs that interest you. Ask them what they like and don’t like about their work, how they got started, the education or training they needed, and other information. Most people will be pleased to give you advice you can’t get any other way.