Born to Succeed

Born To Succeed

The Family Resource Center is proud to partner with United Way of Sheboygan County to provide an early childhood initiative called Born To Succeed to residents of Plymouth. Born to Succeed offers a variety of parent learning opportunities as well as continued parent and child home visitation services, developmental screenings and referral services to families in the Plymouth School District. Children from birth to age four are learning at the most critical time of life. Our trained, certified Parent Educators will visit families in the comfort of your home to help parents bond through meaningful play while supporting your child’s problem solving skills, social skills, language skills and motor skills. Families also have the opportunity to attend classes and parent-child activities at the Family Resource Center. If you live in the Plymouth School District and are a parent to a child under the age of four, please contact Melissa Udovich at 892-6706 ext. 207 for more information on how you may participate in Born to Succeed.